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Individual Therapy

My approach combines several areas of research and techniques, along with years of experience working with many different people.

The primary ways that I work include Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Existential Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and Interpersonal Neurobiology. These approaches differ from other commonly practiced approaches such as CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), in that they do not use a manualised set of resources, but rather focus on a dynamic process that emerges between therapist and patient.

Working this way is a medium to long term process. In our first few sessions I try to understand where you are at by listening carefully to your thoughts and feelings, and asking questions to gather context, or explore aspects of your experience more deeply.

This helps us develop a shared understanding your issues. From there I may offer specific practices, such as mindfulness or somatic techniques, to help you sit with difficult emotions. We may work through the influence of formative experiences in your life, including from childhood, and examine dynamics that tend to play out in your relationships.

From time to time we may reflect on feelings that arise in the therapy itself, which is known as the transference/countertransference, as well as the content of your dreams, which can be especially helpful for developing your understanding of unconscious processes.

In general I provide a reliable space and guidence to help you sort through your experience, and work with you to develop strategies to address the issues you are facing.

My specialty areas of focus include:

  • Various forms of anxiety and insecurity, whether alone or in relationships.
  • Complicated experiences of grief and loss, including heartbreak.
  • The lived experience of ADHD in adults and young adults.
  • Disturbing dreams or difficulty sleeping.
  • Overwhelming confusion, proctrastination, or lack of meaning and purpose.
  • PTSD and other trauma-related experiences.
  • Cultural and religious identity.
  • Life transitions, particularly transitions into adulthood and parenthood.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, please contact me︎︎︎ to enquire about the availability of appointments.

Couples Therapy

My approach to couples therapy draws on many of the same techniques mentioned above, combined with others from Emotion-Focused Therapy.

This approach works by exploring the underlying emotions that are often at the heart of differences or conflict in your relationship, which can be hidden under layers of despair and frustration.

It is a medium term process, in which my role is to guide each of you to connect with those underlying emotions, and share them with your partner in a way that allows you to be fully heard.

As a couples therapist, I take a perspective that is always focused on helping you get better at holding what is diffcult, and reshaping your patterns of communication so that they bring you closer together.

Over time, this can be an immensley rewarding experience for couples, as they learn to share and be heard in their vulnerability, in the safety and care of a therapeutic space.

Some couples use therapy to raise issues which are difficult to raise at home, or repair their relationship after a rupture in trust. Others want help with unresolved issues from the past, which are surfacing in the relationship, and need to be worked through.

If you and your partner would like to try couples therapy for your relationship, please get in touch︎︎︎ to enquire about the availability of appointments.

Common Questions

How much does it cost?
$120 per session (50 minutes) for individuals.
$160 per session (50 minutes) for couples.

Do you work with couples?
Yes, you can read more about my approach with couples here︎︎︎

How does therapy work?
Therapy is a unique kind of relationship, with certain characteristics that promote psychological growth and recovery. Beyond being supportive and confidential, a therapeutic relationship is also a space to explore things which are usually unconscious, but which affect how you feel, think and form relationships.

What are your specialty sreas?
My specialty areas reflect my experience over years of working with individuals and couples. These include anxiety and insecurity, depression, complex grief, relationship issues, cultural and religious identity, ADHD, childhood trauma and sleep disturbance.

Do you offer online sessions?

How to choose a therapist?
Most therapists are skilled and effective, but they differ in style. The best therapist for you is one with whom you feel like you can develop a good working relationship, and whose way of understanding your issue resonates with your values and intuitions.

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