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Couples Therapy

Specialty Areas
  • Communication/trust
  • Recurring conflict

Couples therapy helps you and your partner develop some common ground to build a secure and fulfilling connection, become more self-aware and attuned.

Whatever the stage of your relationship, if you are having difficulty communicating in a way that feels productive, getting undermined by triggers, or struggling to cope after a significant life event, the support of an experienced therapist can help you address issues in the underlying emotional landscape of your relationship.

Keep reading below for some common questions and answers. Or click here︎︎︎ to read more about me and this practice.

Common Questions

How much does it cost?
$160 per session (50 minutes) for couples.

How often do we need to come?
Most couples start either weekly or fortnightly, then space out sessions once things begin to improve.

Do we need to be married or in a long term relationship?
Generally speaking couples therapy is for people in a committed form of relationship. But there is no requirement to be married, or to have been together for any specific length of time.

What type of therapist is best for couples therapy?
The best type of therapist is one with whom you feel like you can develop a good working relationship. Most therapists are skilled and effective, but they differ in style, and finding the one for your relationship is a personal choice.

Does couples therapy mean the end of a relationship?

Healthy, secure relationships require communication and emotional processing. Couples therapy can help you learn these skills together, which supports your growth as individuals, as well as the relationship as a whole. The vast majority of relationships improve through therapy, and in cases where relationships do end, therapy can offer a way to separate consciously and with due care.

Should I do couples therapy or individual therapy?
If you are not sure, get in touch to discuss your situation. It may be that you want to have a few sessions alone before coming in together.

Do you offer online therapy for couples?

How do you fix a broken relationship?
We start by finding out where things are at; what is broken? Then we unpack the underlying emotions and dynamics that sustain that hurt, or pattern of conflict, using self-awareness to create enough space to heal and make change. With practice, you and your partner can become your own experts at listening to each other, and your relationship can renew itself.

What is your approach?
The primary way that I work is called psychodynamic psychotherapy. This approach focuses on exploring relationship dynamics by reflecting on underlying feelings, unconscious processes, and the influence of past experiences. The aim being to develop insight and understanding about yourself and your partner, in a way that helps you feel supported, heard and appreciated. It also gives you the skills to address issues as they arise without getting stuck in habitual patterns of conflict.

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Daniel Silver, GDip(Couns), ADip(TAT), is a certified practicing member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA Reg. 28526)
ABN 22123206124